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                Walks, Talks and Paddles Program

As part of our grant from the Water District, in 2017 we developed  a docent training program to prepare citizen volunteers to lead walks and give talks about the natural history of Coyote Creek.  The docents will be offering free walks along various portions of the creek, and we hope to have monthly or quarterly boating trips on the creek.

                Annual Conference

We held annual conferences between 2007 and 2011 and held the  “Coyote Creek Howl” at San Jose State in 2015.   We hope to resume our annual conferences in 2017.

                Homeless Job Training

We are working with Working Partnerships to conduct a planning study with HomeFirst, a homeless service provided, Ecological Concerns, a Santa Cruz-based vegetation management firm, and the California Native Garden Foundation to develop an implementation plan and proposed budget for hiring the homeless to remove invasive plants and revegetate with natives along Coyote Creek.   The goal would be to provide the homeless with saleable job skills in the vegetation management business so that they could get the income needed to get stable housing off the creek.

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