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The Streams of Santa Clara County

imagesOur focus is on the streams of Santa Clara County such as the one on the left.  Someday all of our streams could look like this if we work on it together.

Our Mission:

The Santa Clara County Creeks Coalition seeks to transform our local creeks into “living streams”.

 We are advocates for:

  • Protecting and enhancing our creeks for the benefit of the fish, birds, plants and the riparian ecosystem as a whole;
  • Creating, for the benefit of the residents of all neighborhoods, recreational and streamside nature experiences compatible with “living streams”;
  • Conducting public outreach at the neighborhood level to foster creek awareness and foster neighborhood advocacy for creek stewardship;
  • Encouraging stream stewardship at the city, county, and state level;
  • Promoting coordination of currently disjointed local planning efforts that affect streams, including land use decision-making, flood control, stormwater runoff, water supply, and habitat restoration;
  • Supporting the development of innovative permitting approaches to watershed restoration through stakeholder involvement in implementation of Watershed Stewardship Permits;
  • Securing funding for stream restoration at a scale commensurate with the magnitude of the challenges facing our streams.

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